Other Resources

We want this site to be a place where people now and in the future can learn about sustainability. We are trying to grow this list to eventually have up to 8 other resources on each chapter topic.

If you are an expert in one of these areas, please submit a resource to us, and we’ll add it to this page and promote it loud and clear. Because space is limited and we want the best, please contribute what you think is the best resource on that topic, that one that everyone should read. It can be any media;

  • Book
  • Film
  • Blog post
  • Audio Recording
  • Website
  • Anything we can link to,

Have a look bellow at the current resources to get an idea of what would make a good addition.

You can submit resources by email to theplan@sustainablehouse.com.au, on twitter to @sustaintheplan or on our Facebook page.

The Vision

Creating and Aligning Sustainable Visions

Chippendale’s Challenge: Act Now

The Urban Heat Island



A Native Plant Plan that Respects Indigenous Culture

Green Buildings

Art: Inspire & Explain

Money, Jobs, Business: Easier & Cheaper to Go Green

How Do We Know if the Plan Is Working?

Costs & Benefits

Additional Resources

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